Frequently asked questions

Can I register for more than one 15 mins Individual Critique on the same day?

Yes, you can sign up for a maximum of two on the same day.

Can I register each week for Individual Critique?


Do I stay on Zoom for the full hour for the Group Critique?

Yes! This is a shared learning experience. You will get a 10 min. personal critique and then learn from other's critiques.

Can I join the Beginners Thursday after the session start date?

Yes, if there is room in the class. You will join the lessons in session.

Is there a wait list for all instruction offerings?

Yes! But for some reason you can only do so through the Wix mobile app. When you click "join wait list" it will lead you there to download and proceed. If you have trouble with this, send me an email with your wait desire, and I will manually add you. If you are on the wait list and an opening occurs you will be notified immediately. You will have one hour to book and pay before opening moves to the next person.

How do I acces my credit account to pay for a class booking?

Book and pay online for the class you want to register. Sandy will see your booking, and if you have credit in your account, she will refund your class fee and deduct that amount from your credit account. Your booking will remain in the registration. If your account does not have enough to cover the full class amount, a partial refund will be sent and the balance will remain on your charge card. Please always check your banking to make sure all transactions go through appropriately. The record of your credit account was sent to you in the "Book Now" email. Keep this for your records so you can stay informed on your balance. Sandy will do the same on her end.

Do I have to have the Zoom app on my device to participate?

Yes, It is free to download. Sandy will send you a link via email the day before your class appointed time. At the class start time, you can open your email and click that link. You will be directed to a waiting room where Sandy will accept your access to the class. Please check in early to not delay the class. Especially on specific timed sessions. Thank you.